Collection: Madison Ramsingh Miss USVI 2023

I am Madison Ramsingh, a vibrant, ambitious and self motivated woman who was born May 5, 2003 on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The second of three children of Rick and Kim Ramsingh, I am a third generation college student and sophomore attending the prestigious Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. My academic and professional twirling background has resulted in being the recipient of both a twirling and academic scholarship to serve as the Feature Twirler of Hampton University's Marching Force and as a member of Hampton's Honor College.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, traveling, teaching baton twirling and dancing. My extra curricular activity is spent as a proud member of the World Champions Twirling Team, The Wheaton Dance/Twirl Teams. I enjoy competing with them in professional group and solo baton twirling contests around the United States and in Europe. I have had the privilege of holding many pageant titles over the years and acquiring lifelong skills and experiences that I strongly believe will be useful throughout my reign as Miss US Virgin Islands 2023. 

My future ambition is to earn my Bachelor and Master's degrees in Kinesiology and develop a meaningful and lasting career as an Athletic Trainer in the field of professional sports.

My motto in life is, "Can't has never done and (can't) will not do anything."